Saturday, February 04, 2006

Let's turn up the heat!

Good morning team. As we prepare for a long rainy weekend here in "sunny" Florida, I wanted to reach out and get everyone's creative juices flowing (no pun intended). Kathleen LaRoque has joined our team with the primary responsibility of building our advertising base. In order to attract those entities with whom we would like to be affiliated, we need to continue to build out stats and readership. To do that we need more frequent articles.

You are all gifted writers. With your energy and ability, each of you can easily take a topic a week and drive out an insightful and thought-provoking article for our readers. We have received many positive comments about Greener Magazine and know that with your talent we will only become more successful with an ultimate goal of, as Cuba Gooding said so eloquently in the movie Jerry Maguire, "showing all of us the money!"

Harlan will be posting an extensive list of topics for you to choose from. He has also added a "ticker" at the top of this whiteboard that provides some great ideas. Please scroll through and comment on which you'd like to tackle.

Our magazine is unique. Unlike other internet magazines which are merely online versions of their ink and paper publications, Greener is exclusively electronic. We also have the advantage of writers located throughout the world and we are the first to include interactive maps on our site! Thank you all for bringing your special talents and perspective to the project. Let's turn up the heat and bring in the readers!


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