Thursday, February 02, 2006

Howdy, Greenies, Hemp, Purina, and More

Hi everybody
Nice looking blog, glad to be here.

I would really like to hear more about green investment opportunities too, also how to go about buying green energy from local power companies. Any links or leads about that would be appreciated.

Nancy, I was interested in the comments in your post about the pet treat Greenies, and about hemp. Sara Kate and I are working on a new book about how we have the power to choose which corporations we fund. It's about buying selectively, as informed consumers. Our consumer choices are more important than our votes really in shaping the future. But, anyway, any links or leads about particular pet foods and about hemp versus cotton, or other green fabrics, would be great. Or stories, people to call - any and all tips welcome.

I met somebody the other day who used to work for Purina. He told me that Purina no longer exists, it was broken up and went to Nestle, which now does all the pet chow, and Cargill, which now does all the industrial chow. Both companies kept the Purina label though because it's so familiar and popular. Both the pet chow and the industrial chow for farmed animals are composed largely of slaughterhouse waste ("meat by-products"). Does everybody know that? I've sort of lost my perspective, too immersed in this stuff. By-products include heads, organs, feet, fat, skin, chicken poop, "feather meal," bone meal, etc.

Are Greenies better than that? I don't know.

Sara Kate and I have a blog too, check it out.

All for now!
Sally K


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