Thursday, January 26, 2006


Hello, all -

Finally joining the group after some recent trying times (family death, sick puppy, broke car, job search - arghhh!). Things are improving, though, and I'm excited to start working on promoting Greener Mag and developing new, mutually-beneficial relationships.

More soon - Kathleen


Blogger Harlan said...

Good morning Katheen, welcome to Big skye and of course, Greener.

Everyone, Kathkeen is our star from ENN where she was pivotal in securing our current relationship as a "Media Partner" - see our ENN ad.That relationship has proven to be one of our best sources of reader traffic.

Kathleen has great ideas and is eager to hear input from the team, so don't be shy.

Have a wonderful day everyone, Harlan

5:24 AM  

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