Thursday, January 26, 2006


Hello, all -

Finally joining the group after some recent trying times (family death, sick puppy, broke car, job search - arghhh!). Things are improving, though, and I'm excited to start working on promoting Greener Mag and developing new, mutually-beneficial relationships.

More soon - Kathleen

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hello All

So glad to be joining you. Have nothing to contribute, just wanted to stick my hand above the water and wave as the current carries me downstream. When I hit a sandbar or grab onto a log, then I'll be able to read thru the posts and talk - Judy

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This board is a great Idea!

Hi all,

I haven't had nearly enough time lately to read Greener properly, let alone research and write entries, but I think I've come up with a solution. I work in the financial industry (really it's "professional services" but why split hairs?), and I'm thinking of writing some pieces on socially and environmentally conscientious investing. I hope to start clipping some things I come across throughout the day and maybe adding some interviews.

Comments, suggestions are most welcome. I hope to see more of everyone this spring!


Another possible topic

Team: I took my mother to the dermatologist today. The doctor had a short article posted on his wall about avoiding rashes. One of the suggestions was to use olive oil rather than moisturizer on the skin particularly just after coming out of the shower. The doctor mentioned that applying a small amount of olive oil to wet skin would help reduce the instances of rash. A possible article for the magazine could center on why olive oil and what ingredients in moisturizers may cause rashes. Nancy
Just testing...

Graphically speaking

I just added a "real" whiteboard to our sidebar in case anyone prefers to chat in real time or doodle. Yes Nancy, there are games too. Give it a whirl you'll need to know the PW which I'll send you under separate cover.

If anyone knows of other tools we could add to further facilitate our conferencing, bring them in.

Thanks, Harlan

Blogger Book (Blook) contest

From our friend in London -

Contest for writers at Lulu, on-line publishing. The contest entry deadline is just six days away so it might be a little tight for this year but something to think about next time around.

Good morning Starshine

There was a song back in the '70s that started out with that line followed by "the Earth says hello". I thought it was a great way to open my first note to the team. Good morning to all of you.

I hope each of you is as excited as Harlan and me about the whiteboard concept. I work in a virtual environment regularly and the ability to share thoughts and ideas in this manner helps tremendously.

So what thoughts do I have to share with everyone today? As many of you are aware, I semi-regularly write about gardening. There are many topics that tie back to sustainability from xeriscaping to mulch products to chemical and pesticide use. How about clothing made from hemp that keeps a person just as cool as cotton and, my understanding, that it is infinitely easier to grow and process? It's not just for smokin' anymore - another throw back to the 70s.

Watching the news over the last couple of days there have been reports of recent whale deaths -one in England and two in a month on the east coast of Florida. What is the cause? Is it global warming, is it encroachment from oil mining in the states, is it chemical/pesticide related?

And, finally, how about our pets? What shampoo products do folks use and how safe are they for our pets and the environment? Do they have a warning label that refers to not getting it in your eyes? After the bath, does your pet want to scratch as if he is trying to get something off of his skin? Also, what types of treats do you give your pet and from what ingredients are they made? Are Greenies safe and are they really easy for pets to digest? How safe are those plastic-looking bone products dogs supposedly love?

Lots of food for thought, so to speak, to hopefully get your creative juices flowing. Harlan says I'm always full of ideas, at least I think that's what he means... Anyway,I'll leave you with "our early morning singing song." Have a great day everyone and we'll be looking for your thoughts and ideas posted here.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Good Morning

Hi everybody, welcome to Big Skye Country, our white board for Greener Mag. There's coffee and bagels in the conference room. Thanks to everyone who has signed in, we're still waiting for a couple of folks. So,while we wait, why not take this opportunity to get to know one other.

You can click on a name from the sidebar "Contributors" list and email a greeting or introduce yourself or even start a dialogue if you like.

There is also space here to post your own public hello and perhaps even set a topic for all of us to start the white board.

Once again I'm glad you're all here. The virtual conference room at Greener Mag is open.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Welcome to Big Skye Country

Nancy and I wanted to share some exciting news and bring everyone up to date on some of the newest developments at Greener Mag.

Over the past seven months, we have grown from a very small blog to become a well-respected internet journal. Our reader stats are climbing steadily and the Newsletter list receives new subscribers daily. All of which bodes a bright future, particularly as we enter the next phase and begin to build our advertising base.

We now have 12 Greener team members contributing to the growth of Greener Magazine: Greg Yanick in NY, our resident musician, Gothamite and, wandering poet/writer; Nidhi Kaushik in London, writer and traveler who has taken on the role of European Desk editor; and Carole To in Beijing who will be returning to her beat after a short hiatus during a cold winter in China. All three have been with Greener from the first and we are delighted they have chosen to remain with us.

Jeff McIntyre Strasburg owner of Sustainablog has, happily, joined Greener as a guest, contributing columnist. Jeff’s crisp writing style and defining observations on a variety of sustainable and green subjects is a valuable voice for our magazine and our readers.

Judy Kingsbury – The Savvy Vegetarian, is Greener’s newest signature presence as The Green Advisor. Her thoughtful, well-informed advice column is building readership and making new friends for Greener every day.

Greg Hitchcock, NY State is an associate writer who contributes occasional, thoughtful pieces on architecture and engineering.

Sara Kneidel is an author who has just returned from traveling through Spain and Morocco where she researched alternative farming methods and spent her days learning about the people and the regions in which she traveled. Sara Kate will be a contributing writer starting with journal posts from that trip.

Jody Byers has begun writing feature articles about science and environmental issues with her unique insight and western American point of view.

Andrew Turner -High Earth Orbit – has developed the Greener Earth Maps page, an interactive feature that extends our reader’s comprehension and vision of the subjects about which we write. “Greener Maps” is just the first stage of our entry into multi-media productions.

Diane Cimetta comes to Greener as a student environmental journalist studying in Canada. Diane is currently completing her internship at Greener as she works on a variety of projects.

Karin Didring joins us from Sweden. Karin is our newest intern associate and will be working in Europe. Nidhi will assign Karin’s projects and act as her editor.

Kathleen LaRoque joins us from ENN where she was the marketing director responsible for their very successful Media Partners program. Kate is going to guide our expansion into the advertising market and will help us forge valuable new relationships with other media outlets.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work, your energy and creative effort to make Greener Magazine a success. Nancy and I want to express our deepest appreciation for all you do to keep Greener on a path of growth and success. We will “talk” with you soon, here in “Big Skye Country.”

Harlan & Nancy